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As you navigate the open waters, you’ll appreciate the powerful yet smooth and quiet motor drive, propelling you to breathtaking destinations with ease and grace. Whether you seek thrilling adventures or peaceful moments of contemplation, Atla Yachts — Explorer 150 is premium crafted to cater to your every desire.
The Experience

Gateway to Adventure

Smooth, quiet and powerful navigation meets Scandinavian design and Dutch engineering. Yacht craftsmanship at its finest—a vision of ease and grace. Your gateway to adventure with an outstanding combination of simplicity and beauty.
Explorer 150

Atla Yachts — Explorer 150
Quiet and Powerful Navigation

Discover the capabilities of a yacht that combines Scandinavian design with Dutch quality – a timeless, modern twist. The Explorer 150 offers all the features one would expect from a large yacht in a smaller format. This impressive yacht offers easy operation and environmentally friendly propulsion with its efficient thrusters. Measuring below 500 gross tons and with a length of 45 meters, the fuel-efficient hull shape ensures a remarkable range. Redefining modern luxury, it showcases fold-down balconies, open space, a bathing platform, and a flexible aft deck. Enhance your experience; custom add-ons include jacuzzi or pool.

The Exterior

What We Create

Long Lasting Value
Inspired by Scandinavian Design

Our design philosophy finds inspiration in Scandinavian design, guided by the vision of our design director Ted Mannerfelt. Elegant proportions and clever solutions create a steady, robust, and durable yacht with exceptional comfort.

The Interior

Nature's Grace

The yacht interior combines sustainable materials, dynamic design, and modern Scandinavian elegance. Soft, rounded shapes complement the exterior’s strong lines. A spacious stairwell and an open design with a lush plant wall create an expansive atmosphere. Mixing wood tones, light fabrics, and dark accents achieves a warm, modern, and adventurous feel.


Length over all
45.15 m
Breadth over all
9.7 m
Draft Design
2.5 m
Displacement Appr.
500 ton
Gross Tonnage
<500 GT
Speed Max
12 knots
Speed Cruise
9.0 knots
Veth Propulsion, Integrated L-Drive
Range HVO
4000 nm
Range Methanol (OPT)
2000 nm
Range Hydrogen (OPT)
Steel (Green Steel)
Owners private suite and 10 guests
Captain plus 8 crew
How We Work

Environmental Responsibility
and Dutch Engineering

Holland’s long history of building quality yachts sets the Explorer 150 apart – both economical and easily propelled, with consideration for the environment. Customers can choose between environmentally friendly fuel and diesel in this hybrid vehicle, offering four different modes of operation.

Option 1

A flexible arrangement of generator sets, running on fossil fuel free Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil. Alternatively, the generators could run on MDO as a back-up fuel. Managing the required energy will be optimized, reducing the installed power and footprint.

Fossil fuel free

Option 2

Hybrid with batteries

The same arrangement of generator sets, combined with a battery-pack to further optimize the use of energy on board of the yacht. Peak-shaving will reduce start-stops of generators and an even better fuel efficiency and silent mode at anchor is introduced.

Option 3


A more elaborate option, including the required safety precautions of cofferdams around the fuel tanks. As many see this of one of the fuels of the future for shipping, supply of fuel will not be an issue in the near future.

Option 4

Hydrogen fuel-cell

When range is no question and can be reduced significantly, a pure hydrogen option without any emissions becomes available. Other possibility is to use hydrogen for the hotel load at anchor.
The Team Behind

Masterful Yacht Craftsmanship
Embodying Ease and Grace

Atla Yachts, led by design director Ted Mannerfelt of family business Mannerfelt Design Team, boasts a remarkable 50-year legacy in boat design. Collaborating with a family-owned Dutch shipyard, which offers nearly 70 years of expertise, supported by an independent Naval Architect. This fusion of experience seamlessly blends the elegance of Scandinavian Design with Dutch Engineering precision.

In partnership with renowned Swedish architectural design firm KonceptTM and accomplished lighting design practice Light Bureau have created the stunning ambiance for the yacht’s interior.  Our team brings a unique mix of skills, experience, and creativity to turn concepts into realities and craft unforgettable adventures.

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